Summer Projects Request for Proposals

This summer, we're once again partnering with Providence Career and Technical Academy to offer a free 6-week Summer Design/Build Studio for teens, through the generosity of the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative. Twenty-five teens will design and build up to two public projects that will be donated to our project partners to help build community here in Providence. Our theme for this summer is Building Healthy Communities, which we define broadly as projects that will address physical, mental, social and environmental health. Review our project guidelines below, and if you have a project that meets our criteria, please submit a proposal by 5pm on May 21, 2018.

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The ideal project:

  • Meets a genuine community need and addresses the theme of Building Healthy Communities
  • Is widely accessible to the public
  • Will be a relatively permanent or semi-permanent structure
  • Will excite and engage our young designers, and will be relevant to their lives
  • Can be built using basic wood construction techniques
  • Doesn’t require insulation, electricity, plumbing, or other utilities
  • Will have a designated steward to care for it after completion
  • Be within a 15 minute drive from Providence Career and Technical Academy

Project Partner Expectations

  • Partners will present their project as a design need, rather than a predetermined solution, and will be open to creative, unexpected design solutions.
  • Partner organizations will send a representative to at least two 1-hour visits with our youth design team, to present the project and provide context, and to review solutions and offer feedback before we begin building.
  • Partners must have site control and be empowered to make decisions about the project site.
  • Partners must be available to consult by email or phone to address any logistical issues that may come up during the program, from July 2 – August 10, 2018.
  • Partners will help organize, promote and attend a celebratory ribbon-cutting event on the morning of August 10, 201 to unveil the project.
  • While we have a limited budget available for construction materials, preference will be given to partners that can invest additional resources (eg. funding for building materials) in the project.
  • Partners will be available to consult by email or phone to address issues that may arise during the 6-week program from July 2 – August 10, 2018.
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Have an idea for a project that could help build healthy communities in Providence? We want to hear about it!

Our panel of educators, staff and students will review proposals to choose several finalists as potential Project Partners. Representatives of the selected finalist proposals will be asked to present their project to the DownCity Designers during the first week of camp, on the morning of July 5 or 6. Our students will make their final selection of 1-2 projects following those presentations. We’re grateful to be part of the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative, an education initiative of the United Way of Rhode Island designed to mitigate summer learning loss for RI students.