Why Design?

Designers combine technical skill with imagination to solve problems, invent new things, and improve the world around them. Thinking like a designer gives you new opportunities to apply what you know and encourages you to learn skills that take you outside your comfort zone. 


Current Spring Youth Programs

Winter/Spring programs begin in late January and run through mid-May. DownCity Designers and EXPLORE DESIGN / PORTFOLIO are FREE and open to all Rhode Island students in grades 9-12. The FREE Met School Longterm Internship program and PCTA programs are only available to students attending those schools. Learn more and sign up today!


Program Schedule

Check where and when your program will be, and look for any schedule changes or updates here. Currently showing the SPRING 2018 schedule. 


DownCity Design PCTA 201689-2797.jpg


Contact Program Director, Lexie Whipple

Call or text 401-232-4696