Innovative Educator

Join a cohort of educators working together to bring design thinking and project-based learning to students across Rhode Island. Imagine the possibilities for your classroom. 


DownCity Design’s free Innovative Educator professional development fellowship brings together teachers from schools across RI for hands-on practice and personal project development. The Innovative Educator Fellowship will help prepare you to guide your students through the design process, from identifying a challenge they want to tackle through creating a solution that works.  Project-based learning using Design Thinking helps students develop these skills and provides them with a framework for tackling any problem they encounter, whether in school or in their lives beyond.


This fellowship will help teachers meet these Rhode Island Professional Teaching Standards:

  • Pose questions that encourage students to view, analyze, and interpret ideas from multiple perspectives

  • Engage students in generating knowledge, testing hypotheses, and exploring methods of inquiry and standards of evidence

  • Use tasks that engage students in exploration, discovery, and hands‐on activities

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JANUARY 23, 2018 4-7pm
Innovative Educator Launch: Intro to Design Thinking in the Classroom

FEBRUARY 27, 2018 4-7pm
Developing Design Thinking Curricula for YOUR Classroom

MARCH 27, 2018 4-7pm
Fostering Collaboration, Building Consensus, Empowering Youth Voice

APRIL 24, 2018 4-7pm
Documentation + Assessment for Project-Based Learning

MAY 22, 2018 4-7pm
Reflection and Celebration